Sleight of Hand “The Conjurer” (2012)



The ConjurerSleight of Hand “The Conjurer”

Red Blend:  42% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Cabernet Franc and 24% Merlot

YEAR: 2012

REGION: US: Washington State: Columbia Valley


What they say about it:

“This gorgeous blend is full-bodied and rich, with enough acidity to keep it bright and youthful, and make it a great “food wine”. The wine is brimming with fresh red fruits like cherries and pomegranate, and has a beautiful herbal note from the Cabernet Franc. The lush finish carries the fruit on forever with well-integrated, fine tannins. This wine is already ready to accompany a beautiful steak or roast, and should continue to delight over the next 7-10 years.”

What I say about it:

I am a big fan of Sleight of Hand Cellars and was surprised I hadn’t reviewed any of their wines so far. Having attended a tasting that included Sleight of Hand recently, I was thrilled when my buddy Jason offered a bottle to have after dinner at his and Stephanie’s house this past Friday.

So out of the bottle and into the glass….

The Conjurer is a big wine and it’s color is a deep rich purple with long legs in the glass. The nose is full of fresh fruit: cherries, berries, and plums with a pronounced but not over-the-top oakiness. I also caught leather, smoke, with some pepper, wet earth and a touch of lavender and herbs (tarragon; licorice). The taste was equally full of red fruits with cherries (dark and ripe as well as tart) with oak, tobacco, and nice even long finish with very soft well-developed tannins.

My only complaint was that we only had one bottle. It is very drinkable and easily recommended.

For pairings, this would match well with any grilled and savory red meats. For cheeses I would recommend nice sharp Cheddar, Blues, Gorgonzola, the saltier the better. Fresh pears or granny smith apples will also offer a nice contrast. Figs, dried cherries, and plums would compliment the flavors of the wine.

More info on Sleight of Hands Cellars

Oh and if you are wondering, the smiling lad in the background is my other buddy Matt whom I frequently drink (way too much) wine with on (way too many) occasions.

Would Bukowski Drink It? Is that Doogie Howser on that label? What the hell pour me a glass!

Overall Rating: 4 BUKS