Bukowski Quotes on Drinking Christmas Edition


“My beerdrunk soul is sadder than all the dead christmas trees of the world.”

― Charles Bukowski

* Happy Holidays from WouldBukowskiDrinkIt.com *

Bukowski Quotes on Drinking Thanksgiving Entry


“Thanksgivicharles_bukowski_catsng. It proved you had survived another year with its wars, inflation, unemployment, smog, presidents. It was a grand neurotic gathering of clans: loud drunks, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, screaming children, would-be suicides. And don’t forget indigestion. I wasn’t different from anyone else: there sat the 18 pound bird on my sink, dead, plucked, totally disemboweled. Iris would roast it for me.”

– Charles Bukowski



mwbw-bukowski“I think a man can keep on drinking for centuries, he’ll never die; especially wine or beer…I like drunkards, man, because drunkards, they come out of it, and they’re sick and they spring back, they spring back and forth…If I hadn’t been a drunkard, I probably would have committed suicide long ago.”

– Charles Bukowski, The Charles Bukowski Tapes 

Bukowski Quotes on Drinking: Entry #5


buk5“in the cupboard sits my bottle
like a dwarf waiting to scratch out my prayers.
I drink and cough like some idiot at a symphony,
sunlight and maddened birds are everywhere,
the phone rings gamboling its sound
against the odds of the crooked sea;
I drink deeply and evenly now,
I drink to paradise
and death
and the lie of love.”

—Charles Bukowski, “Soirée”

Bukowski Quotes on Drinking: Entry #3


bukowski028“I like to change liquor stores frequently because the clerks got to know your habits if you went in night and day and bought huge quantities. I could feel them wondering why I wasn’t dead yet and it made me uncomfortable. They probably weren’t thinking any such thing, but then a man gets paranoid when he has 300 hangovers a year.”
—Charles Bukowski, Women