Charles & Charles Rosé (2013)


20140227_185638Charles & Charles Rosé

Rosé:  Syrah (86%) Mourvedre (2%), Cinsault (6%) and Grenache (4%).

YEAR: 2013

REGION: US: Washington: Columbia Valley


What they say about it:

“The aromas pop with wild strawberry, rose, cherry, subtle hibiscus and a touch of citrus, with underlying dried herb, crushed gravel and mineral tones (2012). 

What I say about it:

I was surprised to see the 2013 Charles & Charles Rose at my local market. It’s not even listed on the winery website yet. This wine is one of my buddy Matt Rankin’s favorite Rose wines so when I am in the mood for a rose and see it, I usually pick up a bottle to have in my arsenal for when he comes over (or to drink and replace one in my wine fridge). It’s a particularly good rose that is easily recommended. The 2013 is a slight variation of previous vintages but is no less enjoyable.

So out of the bottle and into the glass….the color is a nice clear pink with a rhubarb tone.

The nose is first and foremost big on berries and fruit with strawberries, slight melon, with a touch of spice and earthiness (slate and crushed stone).

The taste echoes the nose with berries and a slight pucker and evervesance with big fruit flavors: peach, pear, asian pear, strawberries and apple with a touch of citrus. The wine is dry to off-dry and not overly sweet. It has a nice lite and delicate finish that is very well-balanced.

Overall a nice Rose with a good balance of fruit, acid and fruit. Easily enjoyable with BBQ, Asian foods (Thai) and similar savory yet sweet meals.

Would Bukowski drink it? If it’s pink, it will sink (in my belly). 

Overall Rating: 3 BUKS



Tuck Beckstoffer Wines “Hogwash” Rosé (2012)


20140227_165711Tuck Beckstoffer Wines “Hogwash” Rosé

Rosé: 100% Rose of Grenache

YEAR: 2012

REGION: US: California


What they say about it:

“Hogwash is all about fun in the warm summer months. Who could deny that most of our favorite summertime memories involve cold pink rose, toes in the sand, body surfing, and a plate full of pork. The design is as simple as the winemaking itself, basic components, clear expression, and simple satisfaction. 

What I say about it:

I was making a rack of ribs for dinner and a nice rosé was in order. I spotted the Hogwash Rosé in the meger winter selection of Rosé wine at my local QFC supermarket. The pig on the label jumped out at me and sometimes that’s all it takes to take a chance.

So out of the bottle and into the glass….The color is pink to peach with a slight light orange and cranberry hue. Very clean and bright.

The nose is full of berries with strawberries being front and center. A touch of vanilla and lavender with a slight sweet musky note as well.

On tasting, watermelon and strawberries were my first impression with a slight slate (minerally) finish that was a little short but pleasant but a little on the acidic side. The wine is sweet and it’s lower alcohol (12.9%) makes this a very easily drinkable wine to accompany BBQ, picnic meals and other food associated with summertime. Overall it’s a decent Rosé but nothing spectacular. I’d drink it again but not search it out.

Would Bukowski drink it?  Why not? I will drink anything. 

Overall Rating: 2 BUKS