Brazin’ “(B)Old Vine” Zinfandel (2012)


20141014_215152Brazin’ “(B)Old Vine”


YEAR: 2012

REGION: US: California: Dry Creek Valley


What they say about it:

“The 2012 Brazin Zinfandel is big, bold and offers aromas of rich black fruit and mocha that mingle with hints of spice and soft vanilla. Intense, ripe plum and jammy blackberry rock the palate of this daring Zinfandel. Balanced acidity and lingering tannins add complexity, concentration and depth to the finish.”

What I say about it:

I have been a fan of Brazin’s Zinfandels for years. They are great affordable easy to drink and find reds for anyone that enjoys big, bold and spicy wine. This was my first spotting of the 2012 Dry Creek Valley so I picked up a few bottles.

So out of the bottle and into the glass….

The color of the wine is garnet to purple. Clean to the rim with short legs in the glass. The nose of the wine is full of rich bold features: smoke, leather, spice, pepper, ripe cherries, plums and a slight musk. The taste of the wine is full of cherries, blackberries and red fruit with slight cocoa, leather, oak, vanilla, violet and a touch of lavender. It has a medium finish with soft tannins and was slightly sweet at first but after breathing less sweet and more off dry.

In general it’s another big, bold and spicy Zin from Brazin that is easily recommended. This wine pairs well with any red meat dishes, especially anything grilled, and anything zesty (curry for example). For cheese pairings I would recommend Parmesan, Aged Cheddar, Aged Gouda, Asiago, or Dry Jack.

Would Bukowski drink it?  I am bold and old so hell yeah. 

Overall Rating: 3 BUKS



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