Francesco Bonfio Chianti Colli Senesi (2012)


Francesco Bonfio Chianti Colli SenesiFrancesco Bonfio “Chianti Colli Senesi” 

Chianti (Sangiovese Blend)

YEAR: 2012

REGION: Tuscany, Italy


What they say about it:

Francesco Bonfio is not a made up Italian name. He is a wine merchant in Sienna and a friend who has been producing reasonably priced, honest Chianti for many years. This is not your big, extracted Brunello wannabe Chianti but rather a gentle, elegant wine with aromas of red fruit and fresh earth, a silky, softly tannic structure and pretty cherry/plum fruit. As with most Italian wines it shines with food and we would recommend simple pastas, roast chicken, pork or something with the aforementioned chanterelles.

What I say about it: 

I am fond of Chianti when having Italian food and on this particular evening it was pasta and meatballs. Like most Chianti wines in this price range, it’s a very drinkable everyday wine and excellent with a meal. My first impression was that it was on the dry side. I got a lot more of a chalky mouth feel and a lot of earthy tones first off. The finish brought out some subtle fruit (cranberry and pie cherries, more tart than sweet). The Francesco Bonfio “Chianti Colli Senesi ” is subtle and not bold like some Chianti wines can be. Overall I enjoyed it. It’s a value at its price and I would recommend it for drinking with a meal. On it’s own it may be a little too subtle.

Would Bukowski Drink It?  Gimme that bottle.

Overall Rating: 3 BUKS



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